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A Green Bean Personality Style developed the Vegetable Personality Style™ analogy to inspire you to explore options and learn more about yourself and those you work with. The Vegetable Personality Styles™ are not advice to tell you who you are or what work you should do. Your life is not defined by vegetables––although they are healthy and fun. Find ways to nurture the vegetable in you so you will grow and thrive.

What color is your style? Take the one-page Vegetable Personality Styles™ Assessment.

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The Vegetable Personality Styles™ are based on the color and texture of four vegetables and how they grow. The Vegetable Personality Styles cards are designed to help you get a sense of your style that is based on your personality strengths, your values, and your culture. Your style is how you show who you are to yourself and the world. As you develop a strong sense of yourself, you will better represent who you are rather than who you think you should be, and you will make more fulfilling choices in your life and work. Learn more…

Vegetable Personality Styles eBook

Descriptions, Self Assessment, and Activities. Vegetable Personality Styles eBook on Amazon

This ebook is a short read describing the four Vegetable Personality Styles™ Purple Carrot, Green Bean, Orange Pepper, and Red Tomato to see which one seems most like you. Do you see a little of yourself in all the Vegetable Personality Styles™? Great! You are flexible, adaptable, and able to learn so you can use all the vegetable strengths while finding one or two that best fit your preferred style and environment. You will find more about your Vegetable Personality Style™ in the eBook Vegetable Personality Styles: Inspiring healthy eating and healthy relationships. For more information, contact Nancy and visit her coaching website, Learn more about the book Vegetable Kids in the Garden and The Vegetable Kids Cafeteria Club showing children sharing vegetables and having fun seeing how vegetables grow in the garden. You need all the personality styles on your team. Notice which styles you are strong in and add others to your team. It is just as important to honor the strengths of others, as it is to understand yourself. Contact author, Nancy J. Miller, to learn more.

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Contact Nancy to learn how knowing your personality style helps you with your relationships, business, job search, and work. Purchase the Vegetable Personality Styles™ Cards from Nancy.

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