Vegetable Kids in the Garden

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Vegetable Kids in the Garden Hardcover

Autographed book and Vegetable Kids cards with descriptions of why kids want to eat the 4 vegetables and a list of vegetables by color you can take to the store or the table. Includes shipping in the U.S.


Vegetable Kids in the Garden description

“I loved that not only was Vegetable Kids In The Garden fun but also excitingly educational. In this book, children will acquire a robust learning experience about vegetables, from vegetable activities, learning interesting facts, finding out about the different types of vegetables, and a special message to parents. What was a bonus feature to me was to discover that there were Vegetable Cards available for purchase. Children can take these cards to the grocery store and help to create a meal using different colors of vegetables. Their involvement with the meal can pique their interest in eating their vegetables. If you have a finicky or picky eater that won’t eat their vegetables, try using the principles in Vegetable Kids In The Garden.” – Vernita Naylor for Reader’s Favorite 

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Hardcover, softcover, and eBook Available at major book retailers. Currently lowest price on Amazon (changes periodically).

Garden adventures, colorful illustrations, and vegetable nutrition make this a fun read for the whole family. Lucas, Emma, and the twins find worms and mystery treasures in the garden. Join the Vegetable Kids as they shop for fresh vegetables, eat a colorful dinner, and show you their Vegetable Personality Styles™. Parents will enjoy inspiring their kids to eat vegetables while reading Vegetable Kids in the Garden to the whole family.

Vegetable Cards available from author.

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