Lesson 4: Build Community with Caring and Support

I’m Coach Nancy and we are back with the final lesson in our Relationship Building Strategies series with Lesson 4, Build Community with Caring and Support. There are so many ways to develop supportive meaningful relationships by reaching out and building community either with individuals or groups.


4.1 Working together is an opportunity to create supportive relationships.

I, Nancy, had the most fun doing meaningful work when graduate students from the nearby university wanted to work with me at a local nonprofit building a career center for people who were in crisis, living in poverty, and/or without a stable home.

“We form relationships because we genuinely like someone, because we have something to offer that person, or because we share some common goal.” https://ctb.ku.edu/en/table-of-contents/leadership/leadership-functions/build-sustain-relationships/main

The next project was developing an online networking group with a couple of colleagues. We were able to bring together our different strengths and skills to create a project we all valued. Now I am at my computer alone repurposing material from previous projects, creating courses, and eating a little too much chocolate. I’m ready to build another team from my caring meaningful relationships.

4.2 We develop relationships on social media by sharing information or advocating for a cause.

Things change. Friends and colleagues move or change direction. We can often stay connected through social media and sometimes find ways to keep working together. Social media gives us the opportunity to make new connections and find passion projects.

  • Like and comment on posts of interest.
  • Find people with common interests you want to connect with and let them know why you want to connect.
  • Post links to articles and say what interested you about the content.
  • Nothing goes completely away in the digital world, and anything can be found by a savvy hacker, so use caution when posting.
  • Manage your reputation with positive comments to build community.
  • Appreciate and share the work of others.

Build community by sharing the work of friends and colleagues. You might find someone who doesn’t appear to share similar strengths or interests with you, but you might discover something fascinating in their work. By sharing, you might find you have more in common than you imagined. You might even find they have a connection that is interested in something you are doing.

4.3 Make connections by creating something to share with others.

You can create music or art, share information and expertise, a project, or build something. Sometimes we are afraid to share our creative pursuits, especially on professional social media sites. There are plenty of niche social sites where you can share with people who have common interests like Goodreads for readers and writers, Pinterest for crafters and creators, Substack for writers and journalists, Ineem for music, Birdpost for bird watching and many more. https://computer.howstuffworks.com/internet/social-networking/information/social-networking-sites-addictive.htm


Write down your passions or interests that you would like to share with someone to build a supportive meaningful relationship.

4.4 Make a contribution

Involvement in your community gives you an opportunity to give back, use your passions and creativity, build skills you want to use, make important connections, and show your interests in your portfolio and cover letter. Some things you might add to your portfolio as you build supportive meaningful relationships.

  • Culture
  • Travel
  • Volunteer Work
  • Leadership
  • Memberships
  • Languages

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