Relationship Building Strategies Introduction

The ability to build supportive relationships is at the core of a healthy life and career. We know we are social beings that need to feel connected to others for our own well-being. Supportive relationships begin with honoring your strengths, learning to communicate with others, and building a supportive community.

As you go through each lesson in this mini course, you will find information, activities, and homework to complete as you improve your well-being with gratitude toward yourself by honoring your strengths. You will begin building and maintaining supportive relationships through appreciation of others.


Lesson 1: Become Your Own Best Friend by Honoring Your Strengths

Lesson 2: Communicate Your Strengths to Make Connections

Lesson 3: Develop Supportive Relationships with Gratitude

Lesson 4: Build Community with Caring and Support

Lesson 5: Challenges to Building Supportive Relationships

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