Boost Your Happiness Power by a Factor of 4

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Show Kindness to Yourself

  • Be your own best friend
  • Listen to your emotions
  • Guard your mind

Develop Supportive relationships

  • Show gratitude
  • Listen with care
  • Value others’ contributions

Create Meaningful Work

  • Find work that matters to you
  • Spark your passion
  • Engage in active play

Build Community 

  • Create something to share
  • Bring in a partner or team
  • Contribute to making the world better

You have decisions to make, frustrations, and distractions. When you feel like you are sinking or a big wave crushed your plans and motivation, talk to Nancy. A short conversation can brighten at least one layer of cloudy indecision. Nancy knows what challenges feel like. Sometimes they are obvious, but other times they are your own private roadblocks. Nancy is here to use her Career Counseling, Life Coach training, and years of experience to bring clarity, joy, and positive action steps to brighten your life today.

Take Charge of Your Life and Career

  • Contact Nancy to describe a problem with your life or work.
  • Free resume review to highlight strengths and weaknesses.
  • Request a 30-minute conversation to discuss a problem or challenge.
  • Schedule a 45-minute Life/Career Coaching appointment.

Sample Life/Career Coaching Topics

  • Communication skills and relationship building 
  • Create a fired up Linkedin profile and optimize your professional resume
  • Strategies, motivation, and accountability for successfully working in times of uncertainty
  • Steps for coping with sadness and grief over loss of expectations and job loss

Nancy is ready to help you take the next step to find work that fits your values, strengths, and lifestyle.

 “I was able to find employment for one of the top employers on my list.  Thank you Nancy!” See more

Nancy J. Miller


“Nancy Miller played a crucial role in helping me get my new job.” Joella Roberts

“Our time together created a spark in me and helped set me on the journey I am on now. Slowly finding my joy again, learning to listen and be supported by my inner voice and beginning to heal.” Jennifer, Graphic Designer

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Learn about Nancy’s fun Vegetable Personality Styles™ with a one-page assessment, cards, and eBook. Sharing your personality style with your friends, family, and co-workers helps build understanding, teamwork, and more effective communication.

My goal as a Life Coach is to inspire you to tell your story, unleash your creativity, and find opportunities for success in your life, career, and business. Creative thinking generates powerful problem-solving techniques, decision-making strategies, resumes, interviews, and social networking. 

I welcome a complimentary consultation to see if my coaching style is right for you. Contact Nancy. Let me know what you need; information, resources, coaching.

Contact Nancy

Business hours Monday – Friday 9:00 to 7:00. After hours appointments can be scheduled when available.

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